Borja Peña

Borja Peña is an art director, DJ, producer and promoter. He creates unmistakable mixes of house, techno electro minimal, acid and anything that will shake the dance floor. His music project "The Cucarachas" ( together with Tom Stephan) has remixed the likes of Pet Shop Boys and collaborated with Kevin Aviance, the Carry nation and Shaun J wright amongst others releasing in international record labels including Defected, Tribal america, Nurvous, KinetiKaand Get Up records. You can find Borja playing everywhere from Helsinki to Burning man in the infamous BAAAHS



Dom Top

Pint-sized pop rocket Dom Top is a familiar sight on the London scene. When he’s not belting out sassy paeans to the burly bodies of Barcelona in his musical comedy cabaret group Sex Shells, he’s hosting and DJing at bars and clubs across the city. Dom loves playing anything from tropical pop music, heavy bass, Latin beats (or men) and anything pertaining to Britney Spears



James Bartlett

Music runs in the blood of James Bartlett, the son of the drummer of a jazz band and child of the 90s, he grew influenced by Hip Hop, R n B, soul and pop, as soon as he turned 18 he was introduced to House music while working in his local club in Bournemouth. Several years later he moved to London where he became the assistant manager at Soho's iconic Gay bar Comptons of Soho where he soon became a resident dj and took over the dj bookings changing the music policy and introducing several iconic queer London djs and producers shaping. He has been mentored by the Legendary Tasty Tim and Zach Burns helping him perfect his technique and style. James is currently a regular face in iconic London venues like HEAVEN, and of course DADDY ISSUES


Jeff Kirkwood

Jeff Kirkwood was born in Bermuda, where he absorbed all the fresh reggae he could before heading off to boarding school in Canada at age 14. Since then he has lived in Toronto, Vermont, San Francisco, London, Bali, and Barcelona ( where he currently resides.) He has shared the dj booth with such greats as the legendary Derrick Carter, Paul Johnson, Miss Honey Dijon, Tony Moran, Eddie Martinez, Lady Bunny, and Cazwell to name a few. Find Jeff in a club near you, doing a sunrise set at Burning Man festival or curating music at Colette Paris, a truly all rounder