Borja Peña

Borja has been an integral part of the London Queer scene since the late 90s. Creating safe spaces and forward thinking parties including B(e)ast that was featured in an exhibition on club culture by the V&A Museum, DISH where he started his firs music project "The Cucarachas" (together with Tom Stephan) remixing the legendary Pet Shop Boys and collaborating with underground artists such as ballroom legend Mike Q, Honey Dijon, Kevin Aviance, Alinka, Warboy the Carry nation and Shaun J wright as well as many others. He has Released records in international labels including Defected, Tribal America, Nurvous, KinetiKa and Get Up. Nowadays You can find Borja touring with his party Daddy Issues that has become an international success with residence in cities all over the globe or playing in festivals from Glastonbury to Burning Man roaming the playa on top of the infamous BAAAHS.



Dom Top

Pint-sized pop rocket Dom Top is a familiar sight on the London scene. When he’s not belting out sassy paeans to the burly bodies of Barcelona in his musical comedy cabaret group Sex Shells, he’s hosting and DJing at bars and clubs across the city. Dom loves playing anything from tropical pop music, heavy bass, Latin beats (or men) and anything pertaining to Britney Spears

David O

David Oh is a DJ, promoter, music industry executive and bloody tall Welsh man. After living in London for 18 years he recently moved to LA to try to get a tan for the first time in his long existence. Oh and also to work… A little. Since promoting and DJing at some of London’s best known gay nights over the past 10 years, including the legendary R & She party he co-promotes, he’s now taking on the USA. His style is as variable as his beard length, ranging from R&B and hip-hop to banging techno to Italo, and of course some good old fashioned filthy house.